Coronavirus Impact: Will Life Sciences Industry Turn to Digi
Released: Doctor's guide to managing the Coronavirus/COVID19 outbreakWatch VideoDownload SlidesReleased: Doctor's guide to managing the Coronavirus/COVID19 outbreakWatch VideoDownload Slides
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As the coronavirus outbreak continues to bring the functioning of many industries to a slowdown, pharma companies too may shift their focus to digital initiatives towards doctors and consumers to sustain growth during containment measures like working at home policies.

In India, the total number of positive novel coronavirus cases has climbed to 173. As the number of people infected worldwide crossed the 200,000 mark, strict controls are being implemented to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Digitizing healthcare for better outcomes--

With doctor consultation apps, pharmacy app, fitness wearables and health sensors becoming popular among people shows that consumers are willing to make their own health choices today. The growing use of online services would allow physicians and patients to comfortably access medical information about drugs and diseases online.

Some pharma companies have already taken early steps by developing a digital disease management platform for NCDs like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. These platforms are available in multiple languages, uses behavioral science, real-world evidence and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time monitoring, coaching, and advice to patients. It can also provide virtual clinical assistance to doctors.

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