Coronavirus In India LIVE Updates : The government today sai
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Dr. Nikunj Gurjar

Coronavirus In India LIVE Updates : The government today said there was no plan to extend the 21-day nationwide lockdown which came into force on Tuesday midnight, beyond April 14, and refuted the reports claiming so. The Supreme Court today sought a status report from the Centre by Tuesday on the measures taken in view of the large-scale migration of labourers from cities to their native villages amid the coronavirus outbreak and the consequent lockdown across the country. India entered the sixth day of the lockdown, as more than 1150 positive Covid-19 cases across the nation were confirmed. As per the latest update available with ABP News, the number of COVID-19 positive cases climbed to 1173, as more than a hundred fresh cases were reported on Sunday, with 29 deaths reported so far. Maharashtra remained the worst-hit state with 215 cases
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