Coronavirus Prevention: Health Ministry gives prevention gui
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28 cases of Coronavirus patients have been confirmed in India so far. In lieu of this, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India has given some guidelines for people for preventing the novel Coronavirus infection.
As the infection spreads in India, people have started getting all sorts of rumors. As a result, the government has listed out a few measures that everyone should adhere to during this time.

Here is a list of measures for Coronavirus prevention:

- The very first measure is to keep washing hands frequently with soap. The hands should be washed for at least 15-20 seconds
- The government has also advised maintaining social distance and avoid meeting people
- Touching of the face, especially nose, mouth and eyes is not advised
- In case of coughs and sneeze, one should cough by covering the mouth and nose by a bent elbow or a tissue
- If anyone has a cough, fever and difficulty in breathing, it is advised to seek medical advice on an immediate basis
- Whatever the medical supervisor/ healthcare provider is suggesting, should be followed properly

A mask has been advised for all those who have been showing early or acute symptoms which could be a common cold or Coronavirus infection. Tips on how to use a face mask:

- Before putting on a mask, one should always ensure that the hands are clean. If not, then hands should be cleaned by using water and soap or alcohol-based hand rub
- While putting on a mask, the mouth and nose should be completely covered and it should be ensured that there are no gaps
- If the mask becomes damp, it is advised to change it with a new one
- The single-use masks should not be re-used as they can cause problems
- One should also avoid touching the front of the mask and should remove it only from behind
- After use, the mask should be immediately discarded in a bin

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Very detailed preventive measures and caution which will be adhered to without fail
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Lockdown is a debatable decision, not without heavy economic side effects.
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