Coronavirus vaccine roll-out expected within 3 months in UK:
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As the world awaits a vaccine against COVID-19, Oxford University's vaccine is reportedly expecting a mass roll-out within three months.

The scientists working on the vaccine—which is seen as leading the race for a successful vaccine against COVID-19—are hoping for regulatory approval before 2021 begins.

Here are more details.

• What is Oxford University's vaccine?

Officially dubbed AZD1222, the vaccine candidate in question is being jointly developed by the Oxford University and pharma giant AstraZeneca. It is made from a weakened, genetically-modified version of adenovirus, that causes infections in chimpanzees, but cannot grow in the human body.

• Full immunization program could be quicker than expected

A full COVID-19 immunization program, which would exclude children, could be quicker than experts predicted. The report further stated that health officials estimate that every adult could receive a dose of the vaccine within six months.

• UK considering plans to establish drive-through vaccination centers

Plans under consideration by the UK include a much wider group of healthcare staff to administer the vaccine, establishing drive-through vaccination centers, and recruiting members of the armed forces for assistance.

The European Medicines Agency said that it has started reviewing the vaccine in real-time. The move is aimed at accelerating any approval process for the vaccine in the region.

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