Corrective osteotomy of distal radius malunion after IIIB op
Despite the fact that distal radius fractures are the most common, open fractures are relatively uncommon. The aim of this study is to present the case with severe malunion of extra-articular left distal radius after open fracture grade IIIB (Gustillo). The treatment was done with open correctuve osteotomy and ostosynthesis with volar low profile plate.

A 32-years old man was admitted to our departement because of severely malunited left distal radius extra-articular metaphyseal fracture after treatment of an open fracture. He was primary treated in a Regional Hospital with irrigation, debridement, antimicrobial cover, and immediate skeletal management through fixation with Kirschner’s wires. No external fixator was used. He developed volar metaphyseal angulation after loss of primary reduction of K-wires fixation; therefore it required corrective surgical treatment. Because of malunion, open corrective osteotomy and bone grafting of distal radius with volar plating were done. Follow-up 20 months after surgery show deformity correction of radial volar inclination, height, and restitution of distal radioulnar joint.

Source: International Journal of Surgery case reports

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