Correlation beetween ATN Grade for Myopic Maculopathy and Cl
A Study was conducted to assess the reliability of the atrophy-traction-neovascularization (ATN) classification in patients with pathologic myopia (PM) and its correlation with best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA).

100 highly myopic eyes with a spherical equivalent of 6.0 diopters or axial length of more than 26 mm and a total ATN score of 3 underwent a complete ophthalmological examination, including fundus photography and swept-source optical coherence tomography. A, T, and N scores were calculated and correlated with age, BCVA, and axial length.

--100 eyes from 91 patients were classified.

--Mean ATN grades for each component were as follows: A = 2.51 ± 0.78 (0.6–4.0), T = 0.88 ± 1.14 (0.0–5.0), and N = 1.31 ± 1.40 (0.0–3.0).

--Weighted interobserver agreement was 98.1%, 98.7%, and 94.6%, for A, T and N, respectively.

--In eyes with severe PM, BCVA was significantly lower and axial length was significantly longer.

Conclusively, the high interobserver reliability in this study shows that the new ATN grading system is a precise and reliable tool for classifying PM patients. BCVA is more compromised in eyes with severe PM, especially those classified A3 and/or T3, according to these data.