Covid-19 Long-haulers Experience Chest Pain, Blood Clot Comp
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Some long-haul Covid-19 patients experience a stroke, chest pain, and blood clot-related complications weeks after recovery, according to research. It summarised what experts from a wide range of fields have seen in their own long-haul Covid-19 patients, and also in the existing literature.

According to the authors, chest pain has been reported in up to 20 percent of Covid-19 survivors two months after recovery from the infection. They said Covid-19 can also unveil previously undetected cases of diabetes, with a fraction of patients also experiencing strokes, blood clots in the lungs, and other complications.

While most people who experience long-term symptoms may have had health issues before contracting the virus, the researchers said these issues can happen to any patient who had Covid-19. Patients have reported some of these symptoms even weeks and months after testing positive for the infection, with sudden onset of heart racing, palpitations, and chronic fatigue.

"Arrhythmias can lead to stroke, heart failure, and long-lasting damage to the heart, and that's something that patients may not be aware of," the electrophysiology expert said. "There really is a post-Covid syndrome and it doesn't always correlate with the severity of the acute Covid infection itself," added Ani Nalbandian, another co-author of the study from Columbia University.

The review noted that some patients also complain weeks later of new chest discomfort or difficulty with decision making, memory, and concentration. Based on the analysis, the scientists believe care for patients with Covid-19 should not conclude at the time of hospital discharge. The researchers believe the need of the hour is for health care systems around the world to establish dedicated Covid-19 clinics.

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