Covid-19: Two Mumbai hospitals declared containment zone as
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Two hospitals in Mumbai -- Wockhardt Hospital and Jaslok Hospital -- have been declared as containment zone by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) as many doctors and nurses tested positive for the deadly novel coronavirus.

At least 26 nurses and three doctors in Wockhardt Hospital were tested positive for Covid-19, while Jaslok Hospital has 10 Covid-19 positive staffers, including six nurses.

Restrictions have been imposed with the entry and exit sealed of both the hospitals as more medical staffers continued to test positive for the new virus. Meanwhile, concerns are being raised about the staffers in both the hospitals as it has affected it's functioning with more and more health workers testing positive for the Covid-19.

The first Covid-19 patient got admitted to Wockhardt hospital on March 27. He was a 70-year-old patient admitted for angioplasty who tested positive later and died. One of the staffers came in contact with the patient tested positive. Later, a surgeon staying in Dharavi and working at Wockhardt also tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

In a similar case, few of the staffers in Jaslok Hospital were also reportedly tested positive for Covid-19. A nurse reportedly tested positive from Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai. The patient she was treating did not have any symptoms of Covid-19 or travel history. Later, a ward boy in Jaslok hospital staying at BDD Chawla in Worli had also tested positive, confirmed Ashish Chemburkar, a local corporator.

"At our hospital, we have started treating all patients as suspicious patients for the virus. Once their report shows positive for coronavirus, they are shifted to normal wards. Proper use of PPE is effective in saving the medical staff. However, shortage of PPE, as it's now increasingly being used, can't be denied," Dr Gautam Bhansali, consultant general physician at Bombay Hospital said.

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I had read during my graduation days that heavy doses of vitamin C (including citrus fruits containing vitamin C) can build body immunity towards & against all coronavirus infections. Is it time to look into this? Please follow up on this issue/topic as to whether vitamin C in HEAVY DOSES actually can prevent or weaken the Corona virus effect.
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