Covid-19 is inducing diabetes among the recovered patients
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Experts noted that Covid-19 not only has the ability to worsen existing diabetes, it can also lead to onset of diabetes. They observed that the recent studies have shown that nearly 15% of the hospitalized Covid-19 patients have returned home with diabetes. Most of these patients were perfectly healthy before being infected with the virus and were exercising regularly.

A team of doctors headed by endocrinologist Dr Rakesh Bobba of Ramesh Hospitals carried out a study on the health ailments among the Covid recovered patients and found several young people falling victims to the diabetes after recovering from the Covid. He observed that cytolytic effects of the coronavirus on pancreatic beta cells, increase in the counter regulatory hormones especially Cortisol, development of insulin resistance, use of steroid treatment for Covid-19 are possible mechanisms for the onset diabetes among the non-diabetes.

He asked the people to be guarded and closely track their health parameters post recovery from the Covid-19. “Frequent urination, increased thirst, increased appetite, blurry vision, fatigue, sudden weight loss are early warning signals of diabetes,” said Dr Rakesh Bobba. Since long term uncontrolled blood sugar could affect eyes, kidneys, heart and also increase the risk of acute post covid-complications like Mucormycosis (black fungus) and secondary bacterial pneumonia, experts advise people to be very careful about their health status post recovery.

In majority of the patients this new onset of diabetes is reversible with the help of medications, diet, graded physical activity and by reducing mental stress, said an expert. “Many are confused about what to eat post recovery from Covid-19 and many people complain of fatigue following Covid infection. Frequent small meals and a diet rich in protein like egg whites, pulses, low fat milk, chicken and fish helps in reducing fatigue and increasing muscle mass post Covid,” suggested Dr Rakesh.

Regular monitoring of sugar levels post covid would help early diagnosis and start treatment which is the key to better long term outcomes, noted the expert. Vaccination significantly reduces the chance of severe disease and mortality and it is the best weapon in the fight against Covid.

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