Covid Deaths 5 Times Higher In Kidney Transplant Recipients:
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The Covid-19 mortality rate among kidney transplant recipients is up to five times higher than the general population, a study suggests. 250 kidney transplant recipients were confirmed positive for Covid between March 23 and September 15 last year, 29 of them died. Covid-related mortality was much lower in the general population. This could be due to immunosuppression and higher rates of comorbidities.

In the study of the 250 kidney recipients, 94% suffered from co-morbidities. Arterial hypertension was most common (84%) followed by diabetes (32%) mortality rates of 4.8-33% were reported in Covid-hit organ transplant recipients in recent studies.

Dr Sandeep Guleria, senior kidney transplant surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, said that comparing the outcomes of Covid in transplant patients to that of Covid-positive dialysis patients may be of additional relevance. “Published data from dialysis centres in India put mortality rates between 12% and 37.8%. These numbers encourage transplant centres to remain active during the Covid epidemic,” Guleria said.

India ranks second worldwide on transplant volumes. 49,155 transplants were performed in India from 2013 to 2018. 39,000 living donors and 10,155 deceased donors were involved in the process. Stricter measures should be taken to prevent the spread of infection among transplant recipients and timely medical intervention to save them.

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