Covid Recovered Man’s Liver, Kidneys Donated, Save 3 Lives
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Liver and both kidneys of a brain-dead man were donated to give a new lease of life to three end-stage organ failure patients. This was the 76th cadaver donation in the city and probably the first retrieval from a Covid recovered patient. Retired WCL employee Bhimraj Ramdas Gajbhiye (62), had severe head injury due to a fall in the bathroom of his residence on August 20. He had recovered from Covid in March this year.

Gajbhiye’s wife Kusum admitted him to the nearest hospital in Chandrapur but he was put on a ventilator and shifted to Nagpur’s Kingsway Hospital for further treatment. When his condition neurologically deteriorated, a team of doctors declared him brain dead on Tuesday. Kingsway Hospital coordinators counselled Kusum and daughter Snehal and son Sushant.

As per a note issued by Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre coordinator Dr Sanjay Kolte, both Sushant and Snehal readily agreed to donate the organs. “Instead of getting wasted, the valuable living organs will give a new lease of life to someone in need,” said Snehal. Dr Prakash Khetan, managing director, senior nephrologist & transplant consultant at Kingsway, said that there are many patients waiting for transplantation. “If more people come forward for donation, better will be the outcome of patients with end-stage organ failure. This was first organ retrieval at Kingsway,” he said.

He added that Kingsway was recognized for liver and kidney transplants. “There was no patient of same blood group for liver, so it went to New Era Hospital. One kidney was retained for the hospital’s patient as per norms and the other went to OCHRI by rotation. Being a post-Covid patient, heart and lungs were not retrieved while eyes were not found fit,” he said. The kidneys were donated to a 48-year-old woman at OCHRI and a 59-year-old man at Kingsway. The liver was transplanted in a 45-year-old man at New Era Hospital.