‘Covid antibodies may last just 50 days’: Experts
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Covid-19 antibodies may not last more than a couple of months, according to a study carried out on affected healthcare staff of JJ Group of Hospitals.

“Our study of 801 people included 28 who had tested positive for Covid (on RT-PCR) seven weeks prior (in late April-early May),” said the study’s main author Dr Nishant Kumar.

None of them showed any antibodies in a serosurvey done in June, says the pre-print of the study that will appear in the September issue of the ‘International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health’.

The serosurvey had 34 others who tested PCR positive three weeks and five weeks prior respectively. “While 90% of those in the three-week group had antibodies, just 38.5% in the five-week group had antibodies,’’ he said.

An analysis of the JJ survey’s results showed that antibodies decayed quickly.

However, some public health experts were sceptical with the early decay hypothesis. “We don’t know if the 28 patients had an asymptomatic form of Covid or if they had symptoms,” said epidemiologist Giridhar R Babu.

Studies have shown asymptomatic patients don’t have the same level of antibodies as patients who have had a prolonged or severe Covid infection. “Patients who had longer symptomatic disease have antibodies for at least 3-4 months,” he added.

Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/covid-antibodies-may-last-just-50-days/77795059
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