Covid drug given to Trump developed using cells derived from
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One of the drugs taken by Donald Trump was developed using human cells originally obtained from elective abortion, a practice repeatedly denounced by the president and many of his supporters.

US president received an 8-gram infusion of drug - A a monoclonal antibody cocktail developed by Regeneron, under a “compassionate use” exemption when he was hospitalized over the weekend after testing positive for Covid-19.

Stem cells used to develop the drug are known as HEK-293T cells, a line of cells used in laboratories. The cells were originally derived from an embryonic kidney after an elective abortion performed in the Netherlands in the 1970s.

ANTI-ABORTION MOVEMENT weighing on other Covid-19 drugs:

• Trump has consistently sought to restrict abortion access, has already limited research using embryonic stem cells for ideological reasons.

• The 2020 Republican party platform explicitly opposes embryonic stem cell research, and calls for a ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

• The HEK-293T line of cells has been “immortalized”, meaning they divide freely in the lab. Regeneron said the company does not consider the cells “tissue”

• Regeneron spokeswoman, Alexandra Bowie, told the MIT Technology Review. “HEK-293T cell lines available today are not considered fetal tissue, and we did not otherwise use fetal tissue.”

• At least five Covid-19 vaccine candidates used either HEK-293T cells or a proprietary line of cells developed by Janssen from a 1985 elective abortion.

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