Covid-linked Killer Black Fungus Can Be Treated: Experts
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There has been a surge in cases of a black fungus infection, Mucormycosis, linked with Covid-19. Patients who already have underlying conditions, like diabetes, are more susceptible to the infection. Global Hospitals Panel has formed a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) consisting of ENT, infectious diseases specialist, critical care, physician and endocrinologist.

A 64-year-old patient got infected with the coronavirus in 2020. After recovering from the infection, she had a runny nose, but it was dismissed as a minor cold. After 2 months, she was diagnosed with sinonasal mucormycosis. She was operated and was treated with antifungal medications. The low immunity caused by the COVID 19 infection, along with diabetes mellitus another patient more susceptible to the rare and serious fungal infection, Mucormycosis.

Mucormycosis is a fungal disease, that usually occurs in patients with a compromised immune status. In the last 25 years, around 25-30 patients receive treatment for the condition every year. Around 50 low-immunity patients, with diabetes, and on steroids, got this fungal infection.

Blackish discoloration on the inside of the nose and palate is seen. Sinonasal mucormycosis goes unnoticed to an advanced stage. Treatment requires the removal of dead tissues and even the tissues surrounding it, to curb the spread of the infection. This infection kills tissues causing necrosis. Many of patients realize the need for medical intervention when there is palatal involvement. It usually starts in the sinuses and then proceeds to the eyeball, the palate, and the brain.

"As COVID compromises the immune system, fungal infections easily afflict elderly patients and those with comorbidities. We have set up a Multidisciplinary team to cull the infection at the root, by managing pre-existing conditions like diabetes," said Dr Vivek Talaulikar, CEO-Global Hospitals, Mumbai.

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