Critical COVID-19 in a 24-week pregnant woman with 32 days o
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Authors describe the successful treatment of a 24-week pregnant, 44-year-old woman with COVID-19. Management of this complex case required multidisciplinary collaboration and included prolonged invasive mechanical ventilation and prone positioning. Caesarean section delivery was delayed for 32 days, with no monitored fetal compromise, while stabilising the mother.

To knowledge, this is the longest reported duration of invasive ventilation while pregnant in a patient with COVID-19. COVID-19 has been shown to cause increased disease severity in pregnant women, and certain pregnancy-related physiological adaptations that occur could help explain this association. While COVID-19 has been shown to cause no increased adverse neonatal outcomes, clinicians should be aware that data show increased preterm birth in symptomatic pregnant women, thereby increasing the chance of prematurity-related complications.

Further research on COVID-19 in pregnancy is crucial to facilitate better management, and full inclusion of pregnant women in therapeutic clinical trials will help achieve this.