Cutaneous lesions of Erdheim-Chester disease Mx with laser t
The following case has been reported in the British Journal of Dermatology.

A 53‐year‐old man presented with yellowish nodules on both eyelids (a), which had been present for several years. He had associated knee pain and central nervous system symptoms. Histopathology from the cutaneous lesions showed foamy histiocytes and Touton‐type giant cells.

He was diagnosed with Erdheim-Chester disease, a rare, non‐Langerhans form of multisystem histiocytosis. The nodules progressed despite treatment with interferon‐α, anakinra and vemurafenib.

Due to the wide surface we treated the patient with CO2 laser (spot size 2–3 mm, fluence 10–12 W, pulse duration 0·1 s), obtaining excellent results after two sessions (b; 3 months after the last treatment).