Cutaneous metastases of lung cancer
A 72‐year‐old woman presented to the hospital with right arm edema. She was previously diagnosed as lung adenocarcinoma in the right upper lobe. Her right arm showed pitting edema and purple, painless multiple solitary nodules were found on the right side of her chest.

Physical examination and computed tomography findings revealed cutaneous metastases of lung cancer with superior vena cava (SVC) syndrome. Cutaneous biopsy was attempted, but the procedure was refused by the patient. She was treated with palliative radiation therapy against SVC syndrome, but the effect against edema was scarce.

Reported cases of cutaneous metastases of lung cancer were 1.78% with poor prognosis. Systemic chemotherapy is a standard therapy for cutaneous metastases, but is rarely performed due to poor performance status with limited life expectancy.