Cutting multidrug-resistant TB treatment in half would save
The World Health Organization issued a new recommendation to cut the treatment time for people with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in half. The cut should help reduce overall treatment costs, reach more people and likely save more lives. The U.N. health body also said that a novel rapid diagnostic test to identify drug resistance should be used. It means near immediate change for the estimated 480,000 people living with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) around the world. “We hope that the faster diagnosis and shorter treatment will accelerate the much-needed global MDR-TB response,” said Karin Weyer, coordinator of laboratories, diagnostics and drug resistance, WHO Global TB Program, in a statement. “Anticipated cost-savings from the roll out of this regimen could be re-invested in MDR-TB services to enable more patients to be tested and retained on treatment.”
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