DHEA on sexual function in Sheehan Syndrome
Majority of women with Sheehan syndrome (SS) suffer from sexual dysfunction. Severe androgen deficiency is a major contributory factor. DHEA supplementation has been reported to have variable efficacious in improving female sexual dysfunction (FSD) in several trials. Studies using DHEA in SS are not available.

Twenty-eight patients (age 39.7 ±8.6 years) with SS divided in two groups using block randomization technique, received DHEA supplements (25mg twice daily) or matched placebo sequentially for 3 months each in this cross-over trial. FSFI score and serum DHEAS were measured at baseline and after completion of each phase. Glycemic parameters, lipid profile, liver enzymes were also measured to assess metabolic side effects.

There was significant improvement in FSFI score from baseline to end of the study in the DHEA group as compared to the placebo group (p=0.006). Mean FSFI score and most of the individual domains of FSD improved with DHEA significantly in both groups (p=0.001 for each group with DHEA). Those who received DHEA first followed by placebo, FSFI declined significantly after placebo (p=0.041), but remained at an acceptable level of sexual functioning. Serum DHEAS increased significantly with DHEA treatment. No significant changes in glycemic index, lipid profile and liver enzymes were noted with DHEA treatment. Short duration of DHEA supplementation in women with SS with FSD is efficacious and safe.

Source: https://academic.oup.com/jcem/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1210/clinem/dgac260/6575097?redirectedFrom=fulltext&login=true