Richa Mishra
A 20 year old female patient walked in to the OPD department with pain and swelling in the lower right back region of the jaw since 3 months. . Pain was mild,intermittent and of gradual onset. It was exaggerated on mastication.
E/O examination:
Single diffused swelling on the right side of the face.

Size- 3.5mm
Location- superiorly from infra orbital margin to lower border of the Mandible inferiorly
Media laterally from corner of the mouth to external auditory meatus

I/O Examination:
Small 3.4mm single well circumscribed swelling in the region of 43 and 44 present in right labial vestibule. The vestibule is obliterated.
Consistency- bony hard and tender
No cortical expansion of buccal lingual cortex is appreciated.
Findings: missing 45
Investigation advised: OPG

What could be the possible diagnosis??
R●●●a M●●●●a
R●●●a M●●●●a Dentistry
There was no dental caries with respect to the the involved teeth.
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Z●●●●●●a B●●●●t
Z●●●●●●a B●●●●t Dentistry
It may be osteoma
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Dr. S●●●●i I●●r
Dr. S●●●●i I●●r Dentistry
How are you saying it could be osteoma?
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