DKA #KIP.. In DKA... Acidosis is corrected by insulin... S

In DKA... Acidosis is corrected by insulin... So to stop insulin pH should normalise... 

Initial hyperglycemia is corrected by fluids... Not insulin.. 

If pH is normalised but sugars are high.. Then still u can stop insulin infusion and switch to sc insulin... 

Even small amount of insulin injected to a type 1 DM patient daily... It will prevent DKA from occurring even if sugars are poorly controlled.. 

Initially after DKA episode sugars will be high... And will not get controlled easily for sc  insulin...dont  worry its bcos of metabolic changes and insulin resistance.. 

If u want to stop insulin infusion.. Then stop morning or evening.... So that u can start Lente insulin morning or night which has half life of 12 hrs... Or else if u want to stop infusion  in afternoon.. Den u can give regular insulin sc in afternoon and stop infusion and start split regimen at night....

If pH at presentation near normal... Give 1U/kg regular insulin SC in 4 divided doses.. 
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