DNA of virus can spread across hospital ward in 10 hours: St
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DNA of virus spread across hospital ward in 10 hours: Study
A new study has demonstrated that virus DNA can spread across a hospital ward in 10 hours, published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. To explore how surfaces can transmit the virus, the authors created a surrogate of Sars-CoV-2, using a short section of DNA from a virus that can affect plants but not humans.

How they analyzed:

• The authors placed 1.15 billion pieces of the surrogate in 0.1 millimeters of liquid to simulate a mucus droplet.
• Applied this droplet to the handrail of a hospital bed in a pediatric isolation room on a Monday morning.
• Used a cotton swab to take samples from across the ward every evening for 5 days.
• Took 44 samples each per day, including from the space immediately around the bed, handles of the cubicle door, clinical areas, and general ward areas, such as the reception.
• Then analyzed the samples for the DNA of the surrogate virus.

Result of Analysis:

• Analysis of the samples detected that the virus DNA had moved from the isolation room to 41% of sample surfaces throughout the ward within the first 10 hours.
• Surfaces included bed rails, door handles, armrests, and children’s books and toys in the waiting area.
• After 3 days, the DNA of the virus had transferred to 52% of surfaces, returning to 41% by the fifth day.
• The team found the majority of the positive samples near the handrail on the bed in the isolation room.
• Wiping a surface with a single alcohol wipe removed up to 99.84% of the surrogate.

It is also possible that the Sars-CoV-2 virus may behave differently to the surrogate virus when it spreads throughout a hospital.

Nonetheless, the study confirms that following good hygiene protocol is likely to reduce the spread of viruses on surfaces in hospital environments.

Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/dna-of-virus-spread-across-hospital-ward-in-10-hours#COVID-19-hygiene
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