DNB courses in 50-100 bed hospitals not equal to MD: MCI
Diplomate of National Board (DNB) courses offered by hospitals with only 50-100 beds can’t be considered on a par with MD (doctor of medicine) and other postgraduate medical courses, especially for teaching purposes, Medical Council of India president Jayshree Mehta said on Saturday.

Pointing out that the recent amendments to National Medical Council Bill state that DNB is equivalent to a PG medical course, Mehta, said only those DNB degrees granted in hospitals with at least 500 beds will be considered equivalent to MD in all respects.

“We don’t want to produce half-baked cakes. There are multiple problems associated with small hospitals conducting DNB courses. They may not even have more than one surgeon. So, how do we ensure that the candidate has got the required teaching and training? Such candidates who have pursued DNB courses in small hospitals have to further work as senior residents in a medical college for an additional period of one year to obtain qualification equivalent to MD for academic and teaching purposes,” she explained in an interaction held with doctors in Bengaluru on Saturday — conducted by the Association of National Board Accredited Institutions.

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Dr. S●●●●●●m J●●●i
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How an eye hospital is expected to have 500 beds?
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It' s not clearcut till now.Only a week back someone high up in MCI said DNB candidates from hospitals having 500 or more beds even not recognised by MCI is O.K. to be equivalent to MD, MS. Now madam says hospitals with 50 to 100 beds. And like my colleague pointed out how can a Eye hospital have more than 100 beds. The matter must be settled once and forever. Say 400 bedded multispeciality hospital with 3 senior consultants,2 junior consultants and 2 to 3 Senior Resident doctors. Those passing out from such institutions or equivalent must be recognised as MS or MD equivalent. ... Read more
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Dr. S●●●●m Pk
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Clear guidelines should be made, some have to approach court for the same
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