DRDO develops bio-suits based on sealants used in submarine
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The Defence Research and Development Organisation has manufactured a bio-suit for medical professionals to combat Covid-19 using a special technique based on the sealant used in submarine applications.

The sealant can be used as an alternative to seam sealing tape according to the DRDO.

The bio suits used presently are prepared using the special glue for seam sealing by an industry partner and have cleared the test at Southern India Textile Research Association (SITRA) Coimbatore.

According to DRDO, this could be a game-changer that can help with the shortage of bio suits hindered due to the unavailability of seam sealing tapes. Currently, it can produce up to 7,000 suits a day with its industry partner. The DRDO is in process of roping in another partner to ramp up the production of suits up to 15,000 a day, as per the report.

Currently, there is a major shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers, especially medical professionals in the country.

The Union Health Ministry also said that they would be importing personal protective equipment (PPE) in bulk from countries including China, Singapore and South Korea apart from manufacturing it domestically as well.

Furthermore, the World Bank on Friday also announced $1 billion funds in support of India’s Covid-19 emergency response and health systems preparedness project which will include maximizing the supply of PPEs for professionals.

Source: ET Health
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Hope demand remains less than expected.,will be favourable for country.,relief to medical field.
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