DROR App scores on social distancing amid the Coronavirus pa
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Delhi-based DROR, safety app released a Bluetooth-enabled ‘Social Distancing Tracker’ feature in its active eponymous app. DROR has been active since August 2018 and was conceptualized with women’s safety in mind. It connects healthcare facilities with citizens in the hour of need.

#How it works?

The ‘Social Distancing Tracker’ feature enables users to maintain their daily social distancing score by exchanging short-distance Bluetooth signals between phones to detect other users of the app who are in close proximity.

Then the app processes this information based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms, and informs the users of their social distancing score in real-time, alerting the users if they get close to a high volume of human contact. This only works if the user’s Bluetooth is left on.

Co-founder Dhiraj NauhbarDhiraj comments, “The only way to control this pandemic is through social distancing, as has been confirmed by health experts. Our effort is to make sure that we encourage people by showing them their daily, weekly and last 14 days social distancing score. This app does not track your movements. It does, however, save your MAC address, and note down how many different devices you are in proximity with. We are also not sharing this data with any third party, but if the Government approaches us for such, that is a decision we will share with the app’s users.”

For now, DROR is only Android compatible and Dhiraj says Apple’s App Store has a different set of regulations. “It will be coming to iOS soon, though,” he says.

Source: https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/technology/dror-app-adds-bluetooth-feature-which-scores-users-on-their-social-distancing/article31268723.ece
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