Daily Peanut Intake Improves Stress Response In Young Adults
A study showed that consuming peanuts on a daily basis can improve cognitive function and stress response in a young population. The study was carried out with a group of 63 healthy people aged between 19 and 33, who included a regular portion of peanut products in their daily intake. The team analysed the potential health effects of the consumption of peanuts through a broad battery of cognitive tests and analytical tests related to biochemical indicators of stress response (such as cortisol). The results also revealed an increase in the faecal short chain fatty acids, from the microbiota, apart from specific biomarkers of this nut, long chain saturated fatty acids and certain polyphenols, all of which are bioactive compounds related to many health benefits. It was concluded that the introduction of peanut products in a healthy diet could have a positive impact on the microbiota gut-brain axis and therefore contribute to the prevention of future diseases. The findings suggest a bidirectional relationship between phenolic compounds and gut microbiota and have observed an improvement of brain and general health after a polyphenol-rich intervention. The prebiotic substances present in peanuts, such as polyphenols can affect cognition and the mood indirectly through interactions with the gut microbiota and enhance microbiota gut-brain axis.

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