Dear Esteemed Central Council Members, This is to inform yo
Dear Esteemed Central Council Members,

This is to inform you that one of our member, Dr Lalendra Upreti has filed a writ petition against IRIA, Dr Mohanan, President IRIA, Dr Amarnath, Secretary IRIA, Election Officer - Dr Pushpraj Bhatele, Election Committee Members - Dr Praveen Gulati, Dr Mona Bhatia, Dr KS Saxena, Dr Abhinav Jain and Dr M P Goyal.

He has prayed that the court cancel the re-election as decided by the ECCM, cancel the revalidation as decided in the November CCM, declare the results as on 10-11-18 and also award the cost of the suit ( Rs 3,50,000).

It is very sad that a member files a case against the majority decision of the esteemed members of CCM. The election process is still on as decided by CCM and he is dragging his colleagues and office to court. He has also Dishonored the mandate of central council and has asked to reverse the decision of CCM,which represents all members of our association.

The IRIA office strongly condemn this despicable action of the member. We will not be cowed down by such actions and the office will work assiduously to hold free and fair elections and bring the perpetrators of the E voting hacking to justice !!
Let us keep IRIA an organization of true academicians.