Dear friends, The Law of Precession is the Universal Law th
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Dear friends,

The Law of Precession is the Universal Law that says nothing moves until something “acts”. In other words it's the law of action.

On this day, July 24th 2020 Krest Kochi and IRIA Kochi are happy to inform you that we have reached an important milestone of 50 webinars. A half century, worth celebrating in these difficult times in order to keep our spirits high.

We have reached out to thousands and the KREST KOCHI - IRIA KOCHI webinars had nearly 90000 registrations and 70000 attendees.

We had PG presentations and Mock exams for postgraduate which were a runaway hit and gave opportunities for students as well as teachers to fine tune their skills.

We had more than 100 speakers to share the platform.

In the synergy series of webinars, three kinds of synergistic programs are being conducted.

1. Synergistic programs between city and state chapters of IRIA and also between Dept. of Radiodiagnosis of Institutions gave a platform to continue their academic activities in the times of pandemic.

Our sincere thanks to the joint organisers, Dr. Chandraprakash, Secretary and other officebearers of IRIA, M.P, Dr. Sharad Kondekkar, President, IRIA, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Dr. R. Bavaharan, Secretary, IRIA, Trichy, Tamilnadu, Dr. M. C. J. Prakash, President, IRIA, Kottayam, Kerala, Dr. Vinod Sukumaran, Secretary, IRIA, Kollam, Kerala, Dr.Amith Itty, President, IRIA, Thiruvalla.

2. The next levels of SYNERGY were with multimodality and multidisciplinary interactions.

3.We had several subspecialty focused webinars.Fetal Radiology with the new focus on Samrakshan and Multimodality Fetal Radiology are trendsetters for the future conferences.

Subspecialty webinars on Breast Imaging, Gynaec Imaging, MSK Imaging and Abdominal Imaging were conducted.

4. We started a new session BEYOND RADIOLOGY as a 10 minute unwinding session between the talks which introduced and showcased the talents amongst Radiologists. In the last episode, we had Dr. Supriya Gadekar entertain our audience with Hindi, Tamil and Kannada songs, a necessary stress reliever in these trying times.

5. We are thankful to the leaders of IRIA who graced our webinars with their presence and best wishes.Thanks to our National President Dr. Deepak Patkar, IPP Dr. Hemant Patel, President Elect Dr. C. Amarnath, Treasurer, Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Vice President Dr. S. Pradeep, Past President & Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr. K. Mohanan, Dr. Shrinivas Desai, Dr. Varaprasad and several other state leaders who blessed us in our endeavours.

We believe in the team efforts and sincerely thank all our team members who put selfless efforts all these months to sustain these activities.

Thanking the members of IRIA and all those who had wished us well, we request your continued patronage and support for our endeavours.

Prof. Dr. M. R. Balachandran Nair, President, IRIA, Kochi

Dr. Ramesh S. Shenoy,
Secretary, IRIA, Kochi

Dr. Rijo Mathew
Secretary, IRIA, Kerala.