Delayed RT-PCR Reports Triggering Covid Surge, High Transmis
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Satvik Pandey of Aliganj and his family members gave their samples for RT-PCR test. When they did not receive their report, they decided to go for a CT scan. CT scan showed my mother had initial stage of Covid pneumonia after which we started medication.

Experts agree that delay in Covid-19 test results might be contributing to high transmission rate being witnessed this month. The three government-supported pathology labs in the city are taking 3-7 days in giving reports. Many private labs are also taking at least 48 hours to give reports due to limited resources. Some of them are not taking more samples than their daily capacity.

The three government-supported labs together conduct over 25,000 RT-PCR tests per day but since the number of samples collected daily is over 30,000, there is a huge backlog that causes delay. The number of private labs authorised to conduct Covid tests have been increased from 17 to 24 over the week. These labs conduct over 5,000 tests daily.

"Over 5,000 cases per day have been reported in the last two weeks," says health official. More cases daily mean five times more people require tests every day, he says. "Since the volume of cases is high, facilities are taking time to catch up," he adds.

A microbiologist said: “It has been seen that many of those who get infected and are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, despite being advised to stay in home isolation, take the matter casually till the time their report confirms infection. Delay of 3-5 days in test results makes such people superspreaders.”

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