Delayed management of avulsed mandibular incisor teeth: a fo
Tooth avulsion represents one of the most challenging dental traumas in terms of emergency and definitive treatment. Immediate replantation is recommended for best prognosis. However, delayed replantation is usually inevitable, which usually leads to root resorption and often times tooth loss.

This case, published in the Saudi Endodontic Journal reports the management of an 8-year-old boy who presented 4 months after replantation and repositioning of avulsed mandibular right central and lateral incisor teeth (#41 and #42) and luxated mandibular left central incisor tooth (#31) with established root resorption.

Although the prognosis of the avulsed teeth was poor, 4-year follow-up revealed functional healing of tooth #42 and partial healing of tooth #41 and arresting of the resorption. Tooth #31 showed canal obliteration.

Currently, all teeth are asymptomatic and have normal percussion and mobility. In conclusion, saving an avulsed tooth of a child for few years would be very important for future prosthetic plans.

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