Delhi Doctor tests Coronavirus positive, Wife & Daughter als
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A doctor at a mohalla (community) clinic in northeast Delhi has tested positive for coronavirus, health officials said on Wednesday. His wife and daughter, who were also found to be infected with coronavirus, have been admitted to a hospital. Visitors who went to the clinic in Maujpur between March 12 and 18 have been asked to go on quarantine and contact a doctor if they experience COVID-19 symptoms. It's not yet clear if the doctor had a history of foreign travel or came in contact with somebody who did.

Mohalla clinics are community health centers set up by the Delhi government that offer primary healthcare services. They are meant for economically weaker sections of society so the spread of the COVID-19 infection in the community could have disastrous consequences.

Earlier on Wednesday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said five new coronavirus cases were reported in the capital in the past 24 hours, pushing the number of total cases to 35. Amid reports of police attacks on delivery executives of online retailers selling basic necessities, he said the government will begin issuing e-passes for them.

He also said landlords threatening doctors and nurses to move out, fearing the spread of the contagious disease COVID-19, will face strict action.

Mr. Kejriwal said his government has increased the number of spots across the city where free food for the poor will be made available. "We have arranged for food for poor in our night shelters, free ration for 72 lakh beneficiaries, increased pension rates under widow, elderly and physically disabled schemes," he said.

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