Delhi Govt issues orders to private hospitals, ensure free t
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Delhi: Following complaints that some private hospitals were denying free treatment to the economically weaker section (EWS) people and asking them to pay for Covid-19 tests and personal protective equipment kits, Delhi government on 14 May warned them of strict action.

The directorate general of health services (DGHS) also said that treatment to the EWS category patients should not be refused even if the validity of their income certificate or undertaking forwarded by EWS Branch had expired. The DGHS had received complaints against private hospitals, including the ones designated for providing healthcare to Covid-19 positive patients, that they were not following the guidelines laid down for providing free treatment to the poor.

The DGHS said that if an eligible patient of the EWS category was denied indoor treatment by the hospital authorities despite the treating/referring doctor advising for admission and the hospital having the vacant bed, action would be taken.

Citing complaints from EWS patients, the DGHS directed the designated private hospitals to ensure that the patients didn’t have to pay the expenses.
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