Delhi doctors plaster 11-month-old's doll to convince her fo
In order to get an 11-month-old baby to co-operate with treatment for her fractured limbs, doctors at the city's Lok Nayak Hospital first plastered her doll following which the toddler gleefully accepted treatment.

The 11-month-old child, Zikra was rushed to the hospital after her thigh bone was fractured. Upon reaching the hospital, the child was not ready to take the treatment.

The mother of the child came up with the idea of bringing Zikra's best friend, her doll and requested doctors to give it a similar treatment. After seeing her doll beside her, the baby also accepted the treatment and is now recovering well.

Zikra's mother, Farheen Malik said: "Pari (Zikra's doll) has been with my baby since her birth. At home, Zikra is always playing with her doll and considers it her friend. When she was not ready to take the treatment due to pain, I requested the doctor to use this treatment method on her doll. Now Zikra is responding well to the treatment."

Dr Ajay Gupta was also full of praise for the child's mother for her timely intervention.

"It was her mother's idea to replicate similar treatment method on her baby doll (Pari) to whom she is attached like a friend. We tied the doll in the same position. It worked like a charm," said Dr Gupta.

Dr Gupta also added that this has improved the atmosphere of the hospital.

"The child took it in a positive light that her friend was also undergoing similar treatment. It has also lifted the atmosphere in the hospital as it is usually a place where people are in suffering or pain," added Dr Gupta.

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Good job
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The methodology adopted is a result of a beautiful combination of emotional & knowledge-based intelligence. The doctor who did this is bound to do well personally at his home, professionally at his work and for the patients who go to him.
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