Delhi govt informs HC of malfunctioned ventilators in state
The Delhi government, in response to no. of ventilators in state government hospitals to Delhi High court, reported 52 out of 400 ventilators in non-functional condition.

The information was submitted by the government’s additional standing counsel in response to the High Court’s January 30 query regarding the status of ventilators available in hospitals under them.

The inquiry was sought by a bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao who were informed of a 3-year old boy admitted in LNJP Hospital since January 24 suffering from a critical neurological condition. The patient sought need of the breathing apparatus but manual resuscitator was being used for treatment.

The state has encountered cases of patients that include newborns and children losing their lives due to unavailability of ventilators in hospitals.

The court had earlier expressed their dissatisfaction with the state government on responding to the issue of putting online details of medical facilities available at its hospitals.

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