Delivery boy performs daring rescue, saves 10 people from bu
We live in the golden-age of superhero movies, TV shows and comics. So, if you ask who’s their favourite, they’re gonna say Batman, Superman, Spider-Man etc. However, the truth of the matter is that they’re restricted to the fictional realm. The real heroes are the police, the army, and the latest addition, a delivery boy for Swiggy.

According to the reports, on Monday evening, Mumbai’s Kamgar Hospital witnessed a fire outbreak. And Sidhu Humanabade, a delivery boy for Swiggy, jumped into action to rescue the patients. He narrated the event saying, "I climbed using the fire brigade’s ladder and had to use stones to break the glass facade in order to reach the people. Unfortunately, two patients fell down even as I helped them on to the ladder.”

Sidhu climbed five storeys along with the firemen who were already rescuing people from the ESIC hospital. And he managed to save 10 patients.

There were casualties during Sidhu’s rescue attempts as an elderly woman plunged to her death as the ledge beneath the ladder collapsed. But that didn’t stop him from his risking his own life. He said from his bed in Seven Hill Hospital, where he’s admitted for inhaling soot, "I had tried to wear a handkerchief on my face but it was lost later. We have to help others in distress, there is no question of being frightened to help out.”

Apparently he stood on window ledges and got on to the floors to pull people out of the fire, even though there was little-to-no visibility due to the smoke. It was only after 3-hours of rescuing people that Sidhu told the firemen that he was feeling chest-pain and was subsequently admitted to the hospital. He had his first meal in 15 hours on Tuesday and the doctors said that he’ll be fine soon.

So, after listening to this daring tale of Sidhu Humanabade, who’s your favourite superhero now?

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