Dementia with high CRP in 80+ woman
Dr. sanjoy choudhury
Dementia with high CRP in 80+ woman
An aged woman having severe memory loss with normal BP/blood sugar/other blood parameter on Aricept 5mg,Nemeda 10mg,Eslo 2'5, Glador 3mg,Feburic 40 medication showing high CRP (value 20'01mg) .What may be the cause of high CRP with line of treatment for lowering CRP value?
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Dr. S●●●l K●●●r G●●●●●l
Dr. S●●●l K●●●r G●●●●●l Internal Medicine
Diabetes itself associated with raised crp. although it is marker of inflammation. . there can be underline inflammation
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Dr. s●●●●y c●●●●●●●y
Dr. s●●●●y c●●●●●●●y Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Now, inlamation is to be detectected ,though there is blood sugar in normal range. whether it could be inflamation due to plaques deposited in brain.(as result of alzheimer's).
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