Dengue hemorrhagic fever can cause BLINDNESS?
Kanchan Zine
Dengue hemorrhagic fever can cause BLINDNESS?
A previously healthy 22 year old young man presented with fever for 4 days, associated with
1. thrombocytopenia (80,000/mm3)
2. neutropenia (4,000/mm3)
The clinical diagnosis of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) was confirmed by lab findings. ELISA indicated secondary active infection.
Platlet count worsened inspite of giving 15 units of multiple donor platlets and volume replacement from 5th -7th day.
On 8th day he complained of redness & blurred vision of the right eye which coincided with his lowest platlet count of 11,000/mm3.
Eye symptoms worsened leading to complete LOSS OF VISION on the 9th day. The condition of the patient & platlet count were improved by giving single donor platlet along with plasma & volume replacement. But the eye condition progressed to corneal abscess, panopthalmitis and retinal detachment.
Evisceration was done on 15th day of fever.
What could cause the visual loss?
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