Dens in dente: A minimally invasive nonsurgical approach!
Dens invaginatus, also known as dens in dente, is a rare anomaly affecting human dentition. The condition results in invagination of an amelodental structure within the pulp.

This case report, published in the Journal of Conservative Dentistry, discusses the current management protocol of dens invaginatus using a minimally invasive and nonsurgical treatment option. As with most conditions, early diagnosis and preventive measures help minimize complications in dens invaginatus cases.

A female patient aged 13 years presented with a chief complain of constant pain and draining sinus in relation to maxillary anterior tooth. Clinical examination revealed tenderness and sinus tract in the buccal mucosa associated with the maxillary left lateral incisor.

The radiograph showed complex tooth anatomy with an extended area of periapical radiolucency. Medical and family history was noncontributory. Close examination of the orthopantomogram revealed altered tooth morphology in relation to the affected tooth. A clinical diagnosis was established of dens invaginatus.

For better understanding of the crown-root morphology, cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) was performed to confirm the diagnosis as dens invaginatus Type IIIb.

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