Dental Implant Surgery to Improve Your Smile: Is missing t
Dr. Arun Verma
Dental Implant Surgery to Improve Your Smile:

Is missing teeth creating havoc on the appearance of your mouth and face? Do you face difficulty in chewing your food? Well! As we grow old or due to any other reason, we gradually start losing teeth that may or may not lead to complete teeth loss. Our smile and eating habits are largely affected because of this. Most people rely upon removable dentures for eating and protecting their smile. But, the real smile saver is a Dental Implant Surgery. When this surgery is done by an expert and talented hands of a good Dental Surgeon, you can expect complete satisfaction with your oral health. Dental Implant actually offers the best alternatives to the natural tooth. Usually, patient is given a waiting time of three to six months prior to procedure, after which the implant becomes ready and fit for permanent tooth replacement. Titanium is used for making these dental implants. It is because of this fact that it fuses very well with the jaw bone over the course of time. With the help of dental surgery, dental implants are placed inside the jaw bone. Firstly, the root area within the gums is cleaned, then the artificial tooth is placed in this cavity. After the surgery, jaw bone grows and merges very well with the anchor made of Titanium. Dental implants Clinic in Gurgaon can save the remaining natural teeth from separating and maintains the shape of the mouth.

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