Dental considerations in cardiovascular patients: A review
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Dental professionals may be the first line of defense in the detection and referral of a patient suspected of having cardiovascular disease, an uncontrolled disease status, or oral adverse drug reactions, and they have a key role to play in oral and systemic disease prevention and treatment, in partnership with the patient and his physician.

Cardiovascular disease trends, complications, and associated therapeutics impact the dental health and treatment. Such patients require special consideration with regard to when and which dental treatment is appropriate and what precautions are required.

Alertness to potential oral adverse drug reactions enables referral of patient's to his physician or cardiologist. Cardiovascular drugs are also known to have mild to potentially fatal drug interactions.

A comprehensive treatment plan should be constructed keeping in view all the pros and cons related to the patient's medical condition. Thus, the present review, published in the Indian Heart Journal throws some light on various cardiovascular conditions commonly seen in dental practice and a systematic approach toward their management.

The following topics have been discussed:-

• Dental management of hypertensive patients

• Dental management of angina pectoris patients

• Dental management of myocardial infarction (MI) patients

• Dental management of infective endocarditis patients

• Dental management of dysrhythmia patients

• Dental treatment of patients on anticoagulant therapy

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