Diagnose and Kindly advise me Rx?
Dr. Huma Ahmed
Diagnose and Kindly advise me Rx?
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Dr A●●●a R●●●●d
Dr A●●●a R●●●●d General Medicine
Psoriasis plaque
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D●●●●●●●●d A●●●d
D●●●●●●●●d A●●●d General Medicine
Cap. Itraconzole-200 1OD HS 12days Tab. Cetirizine-10 1OD HS 20 days Tab. Terbinafine-250 1OD 14 days Tab. Funaconazole-150 3 days continue nd 2 tab wickly 1 month ointment Luliconazole-1\% night
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Dr. S●●●●m H●●a
Dr. S●●●●m H●●a Ayurvedic Medicine
Tab itraconzol 100 mg bid for 2 week 200 mg for 3 week Tab levocet. 10 mg Hs for 1 month Tab griseofulvin 250 od for 1 month oin lucinazole local application
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