Difficult mask ventilation made easy: Three cases of Parry R
Parry Romberg syndrome (PRS) addressed as progressive hemifacial atrophy is a rare acquired neurological disorder, which presents in the first decade of life. These patients with multisystem disorders present to the operating room for correction of facial assymmetry, with either flap surgeries or fat implantations. Thorough knowledge of the multitude problems associated with PRS is essential for anaesthetic management of these patients. Three cases of this syndrome conducted in our institute had enlightened us with a novel technique for difficult mask ventilation (DMV), which was the common finding among them.
Case :
A 20-year-old male patient had presented with gradually progressing left facial asymmetry for 7 years for which he had undergone fat injection 2 years back [Figure ?[Figure1a1a and ?andb].b]. Presently, he was admitted for microvascular free flap surgery for asymmetry correction. In the pre-anaesthetic evaluation, he did not have any comorbidities, but the patient's face had minimal asymmetry on the left side as he already had fat implantation....