Direct composite veneers: an esthetic demand in modern times
Restoring esthetic appearance of patients is one of the leading treatment modality in routine dental practice. Discolorations of anterior teeth are fairly common with varying etiologies. In recent times, concept of minimal tooth preparation and improved esthetic properties of composite resins, composite veneering has gained importance. Low cost, reduced treatment time and improved esthetics have envisioned composite resin as an alternative treatment to ceramic laminates.

The present case report describes 3 cases of composite laminate veneers as an alternative treatment to ceramic veneers for management of discoloration and esthetics. All cases were completed in single appointment with followup of one year.

With the development of newer and advanced composite resins, direct composite laminate veneer restorations can be a treatment option for patients with esthetic problems of anterior teeth. Although composites have disadvantage of wear and discoloration, it can be considered a valuable treatment option where time and economic criteria are of prime importance.

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