Discal cyst of the lumbar spine: a rare clinical entity
Being a rare clinical entity, discal cyst presents indistinguishably from other causes of lower back pain and radiculopathy. It is an extremely rare pathology with unclear pathogenesis, indeterminate natural history with no consensus on the ideal management of the condition.

Published in the Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal, the authors report a rare case of discal cyst in a patient who presented to our centre with localised low back pain and subsequently left sided radicular pain.

With the aid of MRI and with clear surgical indication the authors proceeded with endoscopic removal of the cyst and intraoperatively confirmed its origin from the adjacent disc. The patient had immediate relief of his symptoms and no postoperative complications.

The authors recommend that endoscopic surgery can be an effective alternative to conventional open surgery for discal cyst of the lumbar spine.

Read in detail here: https://pxmd.co/1XXSC