Doctor discovers STAR-shaped cataract in a man's eye after b
A 36-year old patient, during a fist fight, might have experienced haziness when punched on the left side of the face but on seeking medical care for the bruise after 2 days, it was the ophthalmologist who saw a distinctive star in his eye.

The case was reported in BMJ case reports 2018 that described a rare cataract called 'Rosetta cataract' - a cataract where the clouding of the lens of the eye resembles like a star or flower petals. The patient presented 5 distinctive quadrangular petals, shaped like a Rosetta on examination.

Dr. Rohan Singh, who happened to treat the patient with such a rare condition explained the phenomenon where a physical impact of being hit in the face generates shock waves that travel through the bones in the temple, leading into the eye. These shock waves disrupt the usual arrangement of fibre found in the lens, eventually causing an "opacification," or clouding, of the lens into a rosette or star-like pattern.

The patient reported first-hand symptoms after 2 days of the brawl that included redness, pain and progressively worse vision in his left eye, after 6-7 hours of being punch. The rare cataract was observed using slit-lamp biomicroscopy with near visual acuity of 20/50 in the left eye.

The near visual acuity of the left eye affected by the bruise was restored after a week of surgery.

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