Doctor finds 700 tapeworms in his brain, chest & lungs
A man complaining of continuous headaches and seizures has learned he has over 700 tapeworm inside his body.

Zhu Zhong-fa, 43, from Hangzhou in east China, was baffled after the symptoms lasted for over a month. He decided to seek help from doctors at the First Affiliated Hospital of College of Medicine, Zhejiang University.

Dr Wang Jian-rong from the department of infectious disease, performed a medical checkup on Mr Zhu and diagnosed him with taenaisis.

He also found over 700 tapeworms across the patient's body.

World Health Organisation says tapeworms are introduced to the human body by ingesting tapeworm eggs that are usually present in pork that has not been cooked properly.

Tapeworms, known as taenia solium, enter the central nervous system, they can cause neurological symptoms to the patient, including epileptic seizures.

Taenaisis can be treated with laxatives and medicines but the dosage and duration of the treatment may vary due to the severeness of the infection.

Mr Zhu said he recalled he had hotpot about a month ago and might not have cooked the meat thoroughly.

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Dr. J●i B●●●●i
Dr. J●i B●●●●i Obstetrics and Gynaecology
So amazing! One can never think about it without reading this article.
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Dr. Dr R●●u
Dr. Dr R●●u Internal Medicine
Still anyone thinking of consuming pork be careful friends, it' s your health in your hands. Good information for learning people.
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