Doctor was not wrong in leaving drill chip in elbow: Consume
Instruments break during operations and additional surgery to remove fragments of broken instrument is not justified, a consumer forum here quoted medical texts as saying while absolving a doctor of medical negligence for inadvertently leaving in the elbow of a patient a small piece of a drill that broke off during an orthopaedic procedure.

Dr Sudhakar Williams carried out a surgical process to insert steel pins in Vasudevan's right elbow. Four days later, he received a report from the hospital's doctors, saying he had recovered.Around 30 months later, Vasudevan's consulted another doctor, who wanted to see an X-ray of his right elbow. The X-ray showed a small part of the drill lodged in bone and Vasudevan underwent surgery in another hospital and doctors had it removed.
Vasudevan moved the forum claiming compensation for medical negligence because he had "continuous pain" after his discharge from Dr Rangarajan Memorial Hospital.