Doctors Getting Reinfected Even After Taking Two Shots Of CO
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With reports of Covid-19 infecting doctors who have been vaccinated, the Union Health Ministry said that the government will collect data on those testing Covid-19 positive even after getting vaccinated. Here’s looking at two states Uttar Pradesh and Bihar:

In Lucknow, about 40 doctors have tested positive in the last few days. Of the 40 doctors, around half of them belong to the general surgery department, nine of the urology department, and three doctors of the department of medicine. King Georges’ Medical University (KGMU) vice-chancellor Lt Gen (retd) Dr Vipin Puri tested positive for the second time in nine months. He had received the second dose of vaccine on March 25.

Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences director Dr RK Dhiman and his wife had tested positive three days ahead of Holi. This was despite both having received both doses of the vaccine. When asked about the efficacy of the vaccine, Dr Dhiman said the jab was very effective in preventing hospitalization as well as deaths.

After inoculation, the patient could get mild symptoms and was protected against the severity of the ailment. “There is a possibility of people testing positive for Covid despite taking the vaccine, but the intensity of the virus would be less,” said Dr PK Gupta, former president, IMA, Lucknow chapter. More than 26 doctors in Bihar have been reported Covid positive even after the inoculation. Many others are under home quarantine.

Dr Umesh Kumar and his wife Dr Nirmala Singh from Biharsharif tested positive even after they were inoculated. One of the staff of the doctor couple also tested after being inoculated. Similarly, nine medicos of various batches in Patna Medical College and Hospital also tested positive after being inoculated. In the NMCH, eight medicos tested positive recently while one of them died in Begusarai after the first doses of inoculation.

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Infected after being vaccinated for 2nd dose
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Dr. A●●●●●a S●●a
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My brother in law got infected too even after 2 nd dose of covishield
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Even I got infected after taking the vaccine. I might be wrong but I really doubt the efficacy of vaccine.
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