Doctors again remove objects weighing 3.5 kg from a patient
The 28-year-old man had also swallowed nail cutter, spark plug, coins, hairpin, glass shard, magnet and key-chain. In all, a team of surgeons removed 3.5 kg of metal and other objects from the stomach of the patient who is suffering from a rare disorder identified as acuphagia – trait of eating sharp objects.

Dr Kalpesh Parmar, assistant professor in the Department of Surgery at Civil Hospital, told that it was the second time in the past two years that the man was operated for the disorder.

"It’s not very common and is generally associated with poor mental health. The resident of Bapunagar has already been referred to the psychiatry department for further treatment. We believe that he had accumulated it all in a matter of 10 to 12 months. His relatives told us that in the last operation, there were about 10-100 objects weighing about 700 grams but this time, we removed 452 objects weighing 3.5 kg,” said Dr Parmar.

Fortunately, there was no major puncture of organs due to objects – there surely is an injury on the inner wall of the stomach along with inflammation and fibrosis

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