Doctors are human too
Off late, there has been mounting public hostility towards doctors and healthcare in India which started off at NRSMCH.

An incident that is surely soul-crushing. Every doctor takes an oath to treat, save and cure mankind, the mankind which didn't think twice before raising their hands. We recently came across a video worth watching in Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's voice which portrays the current situation. (Source: Internet)

Watch now:
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I wonder whether should we celebrate “Happy Doctors’ Day” at all, when we are really not happy, specially so, after the recent horrifying incident in West Bengal, a place where Dr B C Roy hails from and in whose memory this day is celebrated all over India. Dr Roy epitomises the nobility of medical profession by selfless service, sincerity and dedication. He was squeezing out some hours everyday to see the patients in spite of his busy schedule with the sole intention of elevating human sufferings to whatever extent that was possible. He too must have come across several problems but that never brought down his morale because the patients and their near ones never complained, they just surrendered themselves to him, for a better outcome. They did not even complained if any untoward incidents happened. There are innumerable Dr Roys every where, who have the same feelings towards the human sufferings. But the entire scenario has changed since couple of years, a new terminology of “Medical Negligence “ has evolved. Any untoward, unexpected incident is entirely attributed to the treating Doctor. They are thrashed, beaten up and clinics or hospitals are vandalised. The digital media is quick enough to make these incidents, viral within no time. Now not even a single day passes where there is a news about death due to “negligence” by the doctor/doctors. This is the outburst by the relatives of the diseased, I do not know how they come to this conclusion. Selfless services to humanity are high sounding words of the bygone days. The good old concept that Doctors are GODs, is deeply buried beyond exhumation, they are viewed upon as service providers as per the present conventions and law. Happiness and satisfaction in providing our valuable services to the needy persons is rapidly dwindling because our best of the best efforts to provide best of treatment within our reach is not appreciated. Nobility of the profession is completely lost. We are mercilessly attacked if something thing goes wrong unintentionally. Good work is never appreciated. Untoward incidents engulfs the entire good work like a tornado. We are looked upon as service providers by the public at large and think money can buy anything including health. No patient ever bothers to ask “how are you” and say “take care”. Such is the tragedy. In this scenario is it worthwhile celebrating Happy Doctors’ Day!... Read more
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Worth thinking...
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We are not happy as we don' t have security, paid very less n no jobs n we are not treated like ias officer infact we work more n hard than them
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